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Volleyball, Boating, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Snowboarding, Skiing...it's all here at Four Lakes in Lisle, IL.

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Scheduled Power Outage

We have been informed by ComEd that we will be without power in the MHOA/Recreation office from 7am - 1pm on Thursday, May 28th 2015 from 7am - 1pm.  Please note that this means the Kiddie pool will not be open during that time.  Please continue to check playfourlakes.com for more information and updates.

What's happening around property

Hello Four Lakes Resident's,


I wanted to take a moment of your time to give you all a brief update of what is happening around property:

1) Phase I (Condo Pool) and Phase II (BaseCamp Pool) are both getting PVC liners installed that will prevent further deterioration of the pool surface.

2) Phase I and Phase III (Kiddie Pool) are getting new heaters installed.  For Phase I, this is to replace the old heater that is not operating as efficiently or effectively as it is supposed to.  For Phase III this will be a brand new install.

3) Phase I has a new deck installed on the south side of the pool.

4) We have received the new boats (as some of you probably have noticed) and are in the process of phasing out the old boats and numbering the new boats.

5) New Display boards will be installed at all pools, the boathouse and on the ski hill so we can inform residents of events, policies, etc.

6) We have gotten new pool furniture in that will replace most of the old green furniture and provide a more appealing look to the pools.

7) The Ski Hill sound system is being updated to provide a clearer crisper sound, and better volume control!

8) We are in the process of ordering and installing new lighting in the large party room.


This is just a brief explanation of all that is going on around property with the Recreation Department.  For more information, or if there is something you would like to see done on the property, please shoot me an email, or give me a call.


Chris Buehler

Four Lakes Recreation Director.

Recreation ID Policy

Four Lakes residents must possess a valid Recreation ID to have access to the pools, boathouse, volleyball, fishing, disc golf, rental rooms, and all other Four Lakes Recreation Department events. To obtain an ID, please follow these steps:

Unit Owners:

Contact YOUR specific management company (who ever you pay your assessments to) and request the Recreation ID form. Driver's license, mortgage papers, or census forms are not valid documents to receive your RECREATION ID. Print out the form and bring it to the Recreation Office. We are open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. Please bring a photo ID with you.

Unit Renters:

Contact your landlord and have them request the form from their management comany. Once you have received the form (must be printed out) bring it to the Recreation Office.

During the summer, if no one is available in the office, please go to any pool and ask for a manager if you already have the Recreation ID form.




Area Status

  • Wednesday, May 27, 2015
    • Area Open
    • Pools and Boathouse
      open May 23rd at 10am
      Please check below
      and the note on the
      homepage for more info
  • Conditions
  • Features
    • Phase I - Condo Pool
    • Phase II - BaseCamp Pool
    • Phase III - Kiddie Pool
    • Phase V - Towers Pool
    • Boathouse
    • Volleyball Courts
  • Notes
    • Phase I (Condo) and Phase II (BaseCamp) Pools will be opening late this year due to un-avoidable repair work needed in the basins. Please read the note to the left for more details.
  • Contact Us
Tennis at Four Lakes


There are courts available for resident usage however at this time recreation does not set up or take any names or times for matches. Tennis Courts are for Four Lakes Residents only and are not rented out to the public. Read more

The Boat House At Four Lakes

Boat House

open from noon to 8pm Monday through Friday; weekends and Holiday's hours are 10am to 8pm or please see sign posted for changed hours. Weather permitting.

Four Lakes Golf


Four Lakes Golf League starts Mondays Mondays beginning April ..... Read more


Volleyball at Four Lakes


Did you know, as a resident or non resident of Four Lakes you can rent the volleyball area for your company parties, and our two rooms located on the west side of the lodge restaurant. Call the recreation office for details and cost of the rooms and grounds usage. Any additional volleyball courts, tents, electricity and picnic tables are available at a minimal cost.  Read more

Watersports at Four Lakes


The Pools and Boathouse will open memorial day weekend (Saturday) May 25, 2013, weather permitting !!!  Read more

 Snowboarding and Skiing at Four Lakes

Snowboarding and Skiing

Chicagolands most convenient place to snowboard and ski ..... Read more

Four Lakes Running and Walking Trails

Running and Walking

Running and walking Trails through Four Lakes ..... Read more